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Let's get Lit


Let's get Lit

Nicole Pugh

Having spent every winter as a child curled up next to my grandparents fireplace, throwing in sweet wrappers and Christmas paper just to see the magical embers, I have always been left with a warm and magical longing want to have one of my own.

Living in an apartment block ever since moving out from my parents (I've lived in a Victorian converted hospital, a coastal new build overlooking the Cornwall coast, and now a factory conversion) I have been deprived of such a luxury. Not having a nearby flue, or the money to adapt any serious pipe work, I had closed the book on this fantasy of curling up with a hot chocolate in the winter months next to a burning glow of a warm fire. That is, until I had found out the fabulous offerings of Imagin Fires.

So first things first, when I was browsing through the fabulous fires, I just sighed in presumption that these beautiful fires needed to be 'plumbed in' as such. How wrong was I?! These fire places by Imagin Fires are completely free standing, bio-ethonol fires, which need no external fitting, piping or any additional work needed to install them. They literally are free to move where ever you wish, whether you fancy a cosy fire lit dinner, a warm night telling stories to you kids in bed (scandinavian style) or just the generic living space location, these fires are a fabulous versatile alternative, which both oozes aesthetic goals and function.

How do they work you ask? Well, as they are bio-ethanol, this means they are clean burning, producing heat, but no toxic fumes, leaving it extremely family friendly and still holding that warm orange and blue flame. You can see more about the science here.

Right: My Factory Conversion Apartment in Norwich City





Below: My open plan space showing the Howarth Fireplace

photos @miss.p instagram 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.37.02.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.33.15.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.37.22.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.31.00.png

So after realising all of this, I was completely sold, and my excitment returned! I needed to find the right fireplace for me, as I live in such an open planned apartment, I felt the only solution was the  Howarth in white. ( also available in black) as I loved the 'Hygge elements and Scandinavian feels. This beauty also has a full glass surround so you can place it in the centre of the room for all company to enjoy. Completely and utterly sold me there! I was tempted by so many others too, as they have such a fantastic range.


In the base of the fire, you can also choose whether you would like to include ceramic logs or pebbles as a decorative enhancement. As you can't have real logs (due to the flammability ) I opted for ceramic logs ( the pebbles also look fabulous and ultra contemporary). You can shop all of the accessories also through this link.

Not only that, you can choose from normal or SCENTED FUEL! Yes you heard it right! The options included Deep forest scented, low odour, or Coffee, I opted for the Coffee scented fuel, as I am an avid coffee house frequenter! This totally upgraded my dream to another level!

Imagine Fires not only have a fabulous website, offering every possible contemporary, modern and stylish statement piece you can think of, their customer service is paramount, the quality and finish of the item is second to none, and finally, they and their website have answered every possible question I had on their products, so I could make the best decision possible to suit my home.

Situated in Wales, this company is a fellow independent, which conveys in such a spectacular manor, its hard to find a fault. I couldn't recommend Imagin Fires highly enough for their design eye, sourcing, communication, delivery and final result of me reliving my childhood moments. Thankyou again.

The HOWARTH bioethanol fire is the latest and amongst the most distinctive addition to their range of biofires. It’s designed and manufactured specifically for customers that love the Scandinavian styling of woodburners, but without the usual expense and hassle associated with installing them. Woodburner styling partnered perfectly with bioethanol simplicity. 


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