Now we all know that we LOVE our candles here at B&G HQ! We have our popular and much loved signature scent Prosecco & Berries, the perfect blend of summer berries and our favourite tipple! We have also expanded with 3 new one off fragrances created by 3 of our dream team!

Explore their reasons behind their candles and get ready to want to buy each one and have them make your home smell amazing!

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Firstly lets go back to the start! With our amazing, packs a punch fragranced Prosecco & Berries. A firm favourite and envisioned by owner of B&G the petite sized goddess Nicole, sophisticated and classy vibes all put into a candle! We love!

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Jenny's Candle 'Ooh Peachy' is a cheeky nod to peachy bums, with one of her favourite fragrances being peach too it was the perfect combination. Sweet floral and Peach vibes for a cute candle that has a fun a cheeky label!

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We've also got an amazing competition running at the moment, if you want to have your own personalised candle made into a limited run to be sold at B&G! All we need is a quote (make it something that means something to you), your candle fragrance and lid colour: gold, copper or chrome. We will then pick our favourites and choose a winner!!

Email us at with your candle ideas! GOOD LUCK!

In other exciting news we have 2 personalised candles in the pipeline from 2 amazing influencers and friends of B&G! We can't wait for you to get your hands on their personalised candles!

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Next up we've got "You'll Do" created by Charlie, our mermaid redhead and all round babe! Vanilla & Tobacco for a very unique fragrance. The idea came about from her love of vanilla lattes and smoking! The label design is based on one of her tattoos!

Shop Charlie's Candle: 

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Lastly we have Georgie's Candle, 'NON.' One of the words that Georgie's little girl D just kept repeating one day, she's a sassy mini version of Georgie so having a candle that means something on a personal level brought to life was something so fun to do! With a very mysterious and dark black pomegranate fragrance this candle is perfect for the Autumnal months ahead! We adore it!

Shop Georgie's Candle:

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B&G Team