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B&G Team

Sit back and enjoy a chit chat with Janie, photo taking goddess! Her new venture is something that empowers women! We have all the time in the world for making women feel as amazing as they actually are! Girl Power!

What’s the meaning behind the name of your new studio?

How did Valentine Studio get it's name ........Our wedding business is called 'Bigphatphotos' Didn't think Bigphat Boudoir would really be right ! So our house is called Valentine Cottage , so thats kinda romantic and thats the exactly the  business I am creating.

If you could photograph anyone who would it be?

David Bailey as he is out of the box, great photographer .....breaking rules, getting one to one time with him would be great. Love hearing peoples stories.

Top Celeb Crush!?

Glam Rockstar Marc Bolan

Favourite Pastime?

Socialising with my friends and family in between our busy schedule.

Favourite place to eat?

I love No 42......Lee does an awesome dish with cod wings ....yum!

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 23.21.32.png

Do you prefer colour or B&W photography?

Oh Thats a tricky one .....the drama in me says Black and White but some times the images tells me bold vivid colour or soft subtle.

What’s next for Valentine Studio?

Well as Valentine Studio is new, I'm in the planning of  a super  launch evening. Also collaborating with an awesome team of independent businesses, thats so exciting.

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Bright or Pastel?

Def Bright colour clash 

Favourite song?

When will I see you again , I sung this (I have a crap voice) to my husband David, after he walked me home from the disco ........Couldn't have been that bad as he married me !

Quote or life motto!?

Treat people how you would  like to be treated yourself

Check out the Valentine Studio on Instagram and FB, you can also pop along to their website if you fancy having a look at what Janie does and to book a photography session with her and her team!

IG: @valentinestudio             FB: @janeivalentinestudio              WEBSITE:

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