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B&G Team

From the title of this post you can see we've got another Q&A for you! We've got a whole load of fab and amazing people for INTERVIEWS Month! For when the weather is dreary and you just wanna have a read about someone who perhaps you follow on Instagram or have seen there art grace the streets of Norwich! Today we welcome the lovely Ruth to our blog for a glimpse at her LA Days Exhibition which is currently still running at Norwich Arts Centre!

We've seen jungle, quotes and neon from your work, what style would you like to try?

I'm just really into progressing my graffiti at the moment so all my focus is on that! Im sticking to my in ya face colours and tropical vibes for now!

Your LA Days Exhibition has been a huge success, what are you future plans for your art?

I like to see what presents itself to me, I have plans to take the Knapples overseas! Other than that I take each day as it comes! LA Days was my first fully realised exhibition, I'd love to do more!

Bright or Pastel!?

Both :)

Favourite Song?

At the moment its Tik Tok by Ke$ha

Quote or Life Motto! 

Go for it, the only person holding you back is yourself!

LA. Which area that you visited was the most inspirational for this exhibition?

Venice beach, it was vibrant and full of graffiti. I also loved the LA landscapes, who doesn't love a good cactus and palm tree!

Your street art is very colourful, would you ever experiment with B&W? If so how would you make it stand out?

Hmm, not sure I would! I just love colour so much!!

Top Celeb Crush!?

Now Ruth didn't know who to say for this but we have it on good authority that she loves Ru Paul! I mean who doesn't!!!!

Favourite Pastime?


Favourite Place to Eat?

Anywhere that has healthy food!

We love that quote! Lets leave this week with that in mind! Don't let anyone especially yourself hold you back! If you put your mind to it you can do it! The least you can do is try!!