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B&G Team

I think its safe to say we here at B&G love a bit of Instagram! We love creating our feed on a day to day basis, and love browsing through yours too! 

To some an #instatheme is not a big thing, to us, we love a curated feed! 

Our theme changes ever so slightly as you scroll through, but we mainly keep some specific 'style' must haves in mind, such as:


For a theme that shows 'range' you can also add a specific shade of colour into it, we love adding pinks and greens. When it comes to occasions such as Christmas and Valentines we insert certain colours to the mix! Say hello to pinks and reds! So pretty when placed alternatively to a minimal white image!

Pinterest can help provide 'filler' images that fulfil your current instagrid needs, and show inspiration and ideas to your followers! We love finding similar styled images to items we sell, to show you the many ways they can be added to your current space or even a new interior project.

If all else fails, clean & minimalist themes are always a winner! We love having stretches of our feed filled with bright white, greys and blacks for a monochromatic feed! 

There are so many apps these days to edit photos, even the editing on Instagram can help achieve your dream feed! Have a play, try different orders of images, experiment with colour. The possibilities are endless!

If you feel like you are getting bored with your theme, just MIX IT UP! If you like how it looks then thats all that matters! Creating a feed that you are proud of is what its all about, a place to look at memories or a place for inspiration! GO FOR IT!

Don't forget to tag us #berrysandgreyblog so we can see your feed! We love finding new lovelies to follow!