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B&G Team

For this months B&G Interviews, we've managed to grab a couple of free moments with Louise from U & Your Skin! The skincare fairy herself! Her skincare clinic has been popping up all over our instagram feed for the last couple of months! She is the sweetest gal, and no matter what mood you are in or the state of your skin, no judgements, just tailor made treatments to help you feel the best you can!

1. Morning Skincare Routine:

This varies as I'm a firm believer in seeing what your skin needs on that day/time but it always includes a cleanse in the shower, serum, eye cream, moisturiser & an environmental shield containing an SPF 30.

2. Must have skincare product:

One that contains Retinol! I've always loved using Vit A on my skin since it helped a lot with my Acne & scarring too!

3. Ageing, ways to prevent the signs:

You HAVE to use an SPF every day! Drink black Coffee & Green Tea for their cell protecting flavonoids, Don't Smoke! & have a positive mindset as much asPossible & practice some Yoga...especially inversions :)

4. Three most important things to achieving healthy skin:

Cleanse morning & evening, get the right moisturiser for your skin concerns & eat lots of good fats like Walnuts, Oily Fish & chia seeds.


5. Top Celeb Crush:

Male...I think David Beckham gets better with age & female Hilary Swank she just seems beautiful inside & out.

6. Pastime:

I love fitness especially Pilates since it's close to dance practice which I used to do until the age of 18.

7. Favourite place to eat:

In Norwich I love B'Nou, in London The Ivy Cafe, in New York the relaxed vibe at Penelope's & in Paris Buvette is cool.

8. Bright or Pastel?

Ooo tricky as I'm a bit of a monotone girl but I'll go Bright.

9. Favourite Song:

Owaaaa that's a tricky one! MJ's Off the Wall album was the soundtrack to my childhood so I'll pick Rock with you from that.

10. Quote of Life Motto:

Your thoughts become things remember the good ones.

We hope you are enjoying our B&G Interviews! We love getting to know some of our fave kick ass & talented friends a bit better! You can get in contact with Louise at U & Your Skin via the links below! Start your skincare journey today! We are booking even more time with her as we speak!




BOOKINGS (NORWICH): 01603 633633