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B&G Team

We LOVE our faux flowers, but its nice to have some real ones in the house too! So to mix things up we thought we'd show you how to create those beautiful Rainbow Roses that have been floating around on Instagram, (seen for sale on Norwich Market!) They are so cool in real life, and quite easy to make, it just takes a little time. Play around with bright colours and pastel shades and see what creation you can come up with.

Firstly you are going to need to get all of your items ready, a selection of white roses, or even a single one to have first attempt! You will also need your coloured water, the easiest way is to add a good amount of food colouring to some warm water, enough so you can still see through the solution. The stronger it is the clearer the end result. You will also need scissors or a sharp blade to cute the stem, if so get an adult to help if needed! Be careful of those hands!

Lets get this DIY Started! To get the desired effect you are going to have to cut your rose stem about 4-5 inches up, to create 4 segments. A simple cross cut will be enough, as you can see from the diagram above!  

Next to get those amazing colours you are going to need to get your coloured water mixtures. Place one stem segment in each colour. Now for the hard part, the waiting. Over the next 24-36 hours the magic will happen! Keep checking back to see the colours emerging on each petal. it's amazing to see happen in front of your eyes!

You can either cut the stem where you four segments end or wrap in some coloured washi tape to keep its structure in tack!

These look amazing as a bunch, singles or dotted amongst other flowers.

We'd love to see what you guys come up with. We are quite intrigued to try simple colour combinations as well as the rainbow effect!

Tag us #berrysandgreyblog so we can see your creations!