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B&G Team

With Mother's day only a couple of weekends away, we thought we'd put together a Gift guide, in case you are struggling with what to get her! Or if you are proper organised you may just want to add a little extra gift onto your list, because after all, she's your Mum and deserves all the lovely treats she can get! As much as we would want to push buying flowers, which we still are, we thought we'd pick out some more personal gift ideas.


Spring is in the air, which means getting that garden ready for new plants and the eventual summer parties is a must! New in we have this beautiful (1) Pink William Morris V&A Tool Set at £24.99, the perfect set for anyones Mum who loves to have a potter around the garden. Perhaps your Mum loves to be in the kitchen and is constantly cooking up yummy treats, how about this inexpensive Flour Shaker (2) at just £10!

A little reminder that she is beautiful with ones of our best sellers the (3) 'Beautiful' Mirror at £14.99, too cute not to get one for yourself too! We've got some beautiful pieces from Ted Baker that are wonderful gifts for the Mum who loves to be pampered, you could even get the whole set if you want to truly spoil her. (4) Ted Baker Sunglasses Case £25.00, (5) Ted Baker Jewellery Roll £30.00 & (6) Ted Baker Manicure Set £35.99, we love the deep purple floral theme and the Coral floral theme of these pieces! Such a treat!

How about some stand out pieces for her handbag? Our bright red (7) Record Player Make Up Bag, £24.99 is perfect for the endless make up supplies Mum's carry around, everything and the kitchen sink can fit into it! Is your Mum always losing her purse? Fear not our pop taste 'Win' Purse, £24.99 is the ideal gift when tasked with diving into an endless sea of dark accessories in her handbag!

(9) Something for the creative Mum, who loves nothing more than relaxing and challenging herself to a new craft, we love this Rosette Brooches Craft Kit £15.00!

Finally we couldn't leave out our fave fragrance, with our Prosecco & Berries Hand Wash and Lotion (10) both £14.99. Because whose Mum wouldn't be happy with some smellies!

We hope this Ultimate Gift Guide has been of help, and remember to pop in to either of our stores, have a browse and find that perfect Mothers Day gift!

Tag us #berrysandgreyblog too, we love to see your purchases!