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B&G Team

We know its very cliche but flowers on Valentines is something I think we all secretly want. Yes its probably classed as an easy gift but something as simple as a couple stems of your favourite flower wrapped in simple brown paper and tied with string can mean a whole lot.

We here at B&G love our glorious collections of flowers, from roses and peonies to lilies and orchids. We are here to help put together the perfect arrangement for your Valentine, be it just a single stem of a classic red rose or a whole bunch, we can put it all together and present it for you. The perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Being faux they will be a continuous memory and will look stunning all year round.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 14.53.08.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 14.52.29.png

We can cater to any budget so no need to worry, we can create different options to see which speak to you more. We will also have some varying styles and sizes of bouquets available if you just want to pop in and get that perfect bouquet in your lunch break!


We’ve even been experimenting with the ever so popular Roses in Boxes, something that will sit perfectly on a dressing table for years to come. We can customise them with which ever flowers you like and we can again cater to different budgets depending on how many you want to go for! We love the look of pinks and whites in our various marble boxes. The black one is super chic!


We can’t wait to share the love on Valentines day! Be it to a loved one or just our friends! Go out have a cocktail and enjoy each others company! You could even treat yourself to some of our beautiful flowers! Keep an eye out on our social media, Instagram and our Insta Stories especially for glimpses of what we have to offer! Snap them up before they are gone! Get that one of a kind arrangement in time for Valentines!

Prices vary with flower type and arrangement, call us for more details 01603 627505

As always share your buys/gifts and Valentines arrangement with us with the hashtag #berrysandgreyblog