We’ve got a lush few weeks of Valentines posts for you lovely lot! From today’s sweet treats, to some gift ideas and what to do to celebrate the day of love!

We’ve collected together some easy and advance treats you can make for a cute handmade element to your Valentines gifts! Or just an excuse to indulge in some scrumptious treats. You can even make them for just you to scoff!

The easiest of them all, a classic but super yummy and something you don’t have all the time! Go crazy, use white chocolate, add some red food colouring to make different shade of pink. Dip in sprinkles or shaved chocolate for extra yumminess! Want a more healthy option, try dipping the strawberries in yoghurt! – ORIGINAL RECIPE

Chocolate Bark is super fun and can be made for pretty much any occasion, again you can decorate however you like! Sprinkles, chocolate chunks, edible glitter! The possibilities are endless to how yours will look! – ORIGINAL RECIPE

CHEESECAKE! 2 words that are made for each other! Can’t really day too much more about cheesecake other than how delicious it is and that we wish it would be acceptable to eat for every meal in all its magical varieties! – ORIGINAL RECIPE

Something a little different, go all out with this Turkish Delight recipe! You can even get even more creative by making a cute box to put them in! – ORIGINAL POST

We hope we have inspired you to get creating some yummy treats for your loved one, or even just make some treats for yourself! A gift from us to you!

B&G Team