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B&G Team

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A trend that has really taken ahold of everyone these wintery months is the how to live your life the Danish way, the HYGGE way. With no literal translation into English, we are encompassed with notion of cosiness and being at one with who you are and how you live your life.

Like we mentioned in our New Year post, we aren’t going to be making Resolutions, we are going to be gradually making little adjustments to our lives, if we don’t quite get there then nothing to worry about, take your time and just enjoy your life.


Lots of you will be hitting the gym over the next month or so, its a lot of hustle and bustle trying to get to your gym equipment of choice, if that is a slightly daunting thought then fear not. Adopt a Danish view on keeping in shape, the trusty bicycle. Even if you just cycle down your road a couple of times a day, you are experiencing the beauty of being outside, and burning some calories at the same time. Maybe go to your local park that you normally drive past and discover a cute little are to stop and take some photos of the nature around you.


To go with your new get out there and see the world views, lets get things sorted in the kitchen too. Yes, eat healthily, but also something that is very Hygge, is to have some home cooked yummy food as well. Something that can be a little naughty for the hips too! Something warming like porridge is the perfect pick me up for a chilly winters day. Add some of your favourite topping like raspberries, nuts or even some grated chocolate and enjoy a filling a hearty breakfast.


Maintaining a happy self sometimes means to get super cosy and read a good book. Or binge watch some Netflix, whatever makes you feel relaxed is ideal. Even a bubblebath using up some of your Christmas bath bombs! Just add candles, pick out your favourite scent and just let it fill the room with warmth and a romantic feel with its flickering.


Something we all struggle with is embracing who we are and actually how pretty special we are. We have loved ones and friends who all see it, but we don’t. Embrace it, you like going out and catching Pokemon, GO CATCH THAT PIKACHU! You get far to involved with MIC, you yell at the TV! You enjoy painting, fill up that sketchbook. Just do the things you enjoy and don’t care about what anyone else thinks! You are AMAZING!


Getting that Hygge life doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a load of stuff! Enjoy what you have and just add these aspects in where they fit! Invite friends round for a cosy cocktail evening with some boardgames. Make some picky food, nothing too elaborate, the homemade element will be enough to put a smile on anyones face. Take photos, make a friend and family photo wall. Cherish what you have and make it the best you can, just by looking at life differently!

Will you be embracing the Hygge way of life with us here at B&G? Look out for some serious Scandi vibes heading your way online and in our store very very soon!