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You've got your tree up, fairy lights on and decorations scattered with a purpose! You've just poured yourself a mulled wine and grabbed the remaining (from this current box anyway) mince pie from the cupboard... All is good and all is done.... But wait, there is something missing... what could it be? 

A festive wreath suddenly springs to mind... but you are already comfy on the sofa... pj's on, mulled wine in hand! What to do about this festive feature that greets visitors to your Christmas grotto! DIY my friends, you are gonna DIY the hell out of a festive wreath that will rival those seen on pinterest, and even better it will unique and individual to you! Pretty special right!

Our lovely Cecily has done just that. So lets jump right into it, with a little #selfpromotion from us with extra bits and pieces you can add, we have a STEP BY STEP guide to creating a homemade festive wreath!

You will need: Foliage, twigs, possibly wire, scissors, hot glue gun, string, fishing wire, mulled wine, mince pies, festive tunes. These final three are mandatory, do not start your DIY without these festive essentials! 




Step 1:

Collect your materials, grasses, ferns, leaves, pinecones, flowers. Whatever takes your fancy for your festive wreath. Some thick twigs/thin branches are a great base for your wreath. (You can also use wire as a shape maker).


Step 3:

Start placing your foliage into your frame, we used a hot glue gun to attach ours but again, string or fishing wire can work too. At this point we also poured ourselves another glass of mulled wine, lets festive up this DIY even more!



Step 2:

Place your frame pieces into place. Tie together with fishing wire to hide the joins, you can also use string if you are going for a rustic vibe.



Step 4:

Continue building up your foliage frame area, this one is going to be full so just keep on building! We can add some decorative pieces soon! 


Step 5:

Oh would you look at that, your wreath is starting to take shape! Time for the fun bit! Gather your flowers, pinecones, berries, decorations, mince pies (oh wait the mince pies are for us to eat). Lets get ready to personalise this wreath!


Step 6:

The additional of some subtle white foliage makes this wreath a real beauty. You can add so many bits to a festive wreath to make it totally unique to you! 


Step 7:

Go for classic red, these berries are the perfect addition to this wreath. Not just for your door either, table centre pieces, on the mantlepiece or on a console table. So many possibilities.

See below a time-lapse of Cecily in action creating this beautiful wreath!

We would love to see any creations you have attempted from the help of this tutorial! Remember to tag us @berrysandgrey or use the hashtag #berrysandgreyblog so we can see your beautiful creations and purchases!


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If however you want to make a wreath to keep year after year we have some amazing faux foliage in store that can tick all the boxes! We have included some options within the tutorial to either add to or use within your festive wreath making!

We thought we'd collect together some amazing wreath variations to get those ideas flowing(see below)!

Image  @alicedaisy__  (Instagram)

Image @alicedaisy__ (Instagram)

Image  @onethreedesign  (Instagram)

Image @onethreedesign (Instagram)

IMAGES:DIY Wreath @cecilyboon | Inspo @alicedaisy__ @onethreedesign

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