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B&G Team

When the world is suffering everything can seem a little daunting. Banding together to create joy and happiness is the way forward. Be kind, be nice.

-Illustration by Haley of Sundae Studios ( )

-Illustration by Haley of Sundae Studios (

Get your gals together and support, look out for and build each other up. No competition or comparison. Especially in an online space, its so easy to be flooded with the idea of perfect and trying to compare your middle of the story to someones success.

One way we have tried to overcome this is to gather a group of amazing, independent, powerful woman together and creating a creative space to vent and process.

Throwing around ideas and sharing opportunities is how you build and grow, not buy disliking or feeling jealous of something you can easily obtain with hard work and positive energy!

A little something to show our ongoing girl gang vibes is our tote bag, designed by Charlie the red headed goddess she is! Be apart of our B&G Girl Gang! At only £10 they are sleek and stylish, while also being very handy for all those shopping trips with the gals! Unlike the 'squad vibes' of Taylor Swift we can to build ours, not exclude!

As the Spice Girls would say 'GIRL POWER'!!!

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