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B&G Team

Last week Nicole & Jenny headed to London for a day of inspiration and the odd cake or two! With a list of MUST VISIT places, Saint Aymes was one that stood out from the rest. While there we were lucky enough to meet the beautiful Lois, one the the sister duo who own Saint Aymes. 

Lets jump right in with our B&G Interviews to hear more about the brand, the sisters & their inspiration:

1. We adore your beautiful cafe & shop. What inspired you to open your business?

We always wanted to work for ourselves, and have our own business where we could unleash your creativity.

2. Your interior style is serious goals! Did you have any major influences when creating your space?

We are inspired by 40's dinner and jazz settings. We wanted to create a space that was reminiscent of those glamorous times.  .


3. With the growing rise of floral installations, what was your thought process for the vibrant, bright and beautiful purple wisteria that graces the enter cane to Saint Aymes?

Wisteria is beautiful, naturally occurring on exteriors. It is also very seasonal, making it a real treat with bits seen. We love wisteria and wanted it to have it last a bit longer!


4. We see you work within your cafe, do you think this is an important factor for an independent business?

I think it is good at the beginning. We also think it is important to be able find great staff to allow ourselves to continue to innovate and allow the business to grow. 


5. What is your favourite chocolate or item on your menu?

We of course have a love for all of our createions, but the Klimt which contains: Sea Salt, Caramel & Hazelnut is my absolute favourite.



6. Which places inspire you?

To name just a few places of course London inspires us, along with the beauty of traditional Paris, & we take ideas from the modern aspects of New York.

7. Will we be expecting anything new from Saint Aymes in the future?

We can't say too much now, but continuing with our beautiful Connaught street branch as well as.... New branches coming soon!! Super exciting.

8. Lastly, what is your life motto or saying?

If You Can Dream it You Can Do It.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.38.17.png

What a really lovely interview, these boss babe sisters are going to go a long way! If you haven't visited them already, then we highly recommend visiting them next time you are in London!

Instagram: @SaintAymes


Images: @miss.p @jennywhoblogs @saintaymes

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.41.22.png


B&G Team

With the sunshine cascading onto the train windows we made our way to London for a lovely day of inspiration! We had a list of MUST VISIT places, and wow! Did they not disappoint! 


First up was getting some yummy food! We opted for Elan Cafe on Park Lane to sort our hunger pains! Its the smaller of the two cafes, and wow, it was super cute! We decided to sit outside for 2 reasons, 1. It was a super sunny Spring day, why not & 2. It cut out waiting time down considerably, be prepared to queue! 


With blush pinks, and mint greens being the colour scheme, we love the interior of Elan! Plush velvet seating throughout, and 2 flower walls, one being a divider in levels of the cafe, you'll find this one as you go downstairs, with a cascading string of flowers above. The other is situated downstairs and is adorned with a punchy blue neon!

Getting to see how other flower wall are creating is so fascinating to us, to see the positioning and the layering of neon was so different! Just inspires us to innovate even more and produce even more amazing specs and find stunning new products for all of you to enjoy!


Peggy Porschen & Elizabeth Street


We really picked the most perfect day! A walk from Sloane Square station on our way to Peggy Porschen, having eaten so much food already, we popped to a lovely deli on the opposite corner and people watched from afar! The exterior of this cake shop is stunning, glancing inside as all its pastel wonderment!

We then had a stroll down Elizabeth Street and discovered many more shops had stunning flower installations! The bright pops of colour at Donna Ida, to the romantic pink and red hues at Jo Loves, we just had to get some snaps in front of these! We also found Moyses Stevens, a florist not like one we'd seen before! It had a ceiling of flowers! So inspiring!




We left Saint Aymes as our last stop of the day, with the purple wisteria exterior it was the most different of all the places we had on our HOT LIST! It certainly did not disappoint!

Very Parisian vibes out front with some simple metal tables and chairs, great for Spring/Summer evenings, large windows giving you a stunning view of what awaits inside.

With 4 flower walls to choose from our minds were very close to bursting! Green sofa bench seating leading to a window surrounded by a flower wall, as well as a perfectly pink chaise for getting those insta shots! Again we had a mini photoshoot! Downstairs is a mirrored layout, using the space well.

We've got and exciting B&G Interviews ext week with Lois & Michéla, the gorgeous sisters who own Saint Aymes... Stay tuned for that!

What an amazing inspiration day we had! Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing new things from us here at B&G very soon!

bg signature 2.jpg


B&G Team

Long time no see! Hey B&G Blog crew! We are back with something that is super requested! We get emails and IG messages daily about how to recreate your fave instagramers/influencers arrangements! So we thought, heck, lets do a blog post on it! Easy Peasy!


What you will need for these exact arrangements:

LYDIA WHITE ARRANGEMENT: 5 x white hydrangea stem, 5 x white vienna rose

LYDIA WHITE & GREEN ARRANGEMENT: 3x white hydrangea stem, 3 x Green/Lilac Hydrangea stem & 3x Eucalyptus stem (works well with the natural eucalyptus spray also)

LYDIA ICE BUCKET ARRANGEMENT: 3 x white hydrangea stem, 3 x  salmon pink hydrangea stem, 2 x red hydrangea, 3 x pink vienna rose, 1 x peach hydrangea stem, 1x red velvet rose, 2 2 white vienna rose

Lydia is simply beautiful, and with each arrangement we have created for her it just adds to her lovely nature. The classic Lydia arrangement consists of our white hydrangea stems & white vienna roses. A simple & classic arrangement.Paired with our CUSTOMER FAVOURITE the polished aluminium vase! (Available to pre order now!)

You may want to create something similar to these arrangements, thats great, pop us an email and we'll let you know how many you need!



Leanne is such a babe! With her amazing My Little Pony Hair and gorgeous home! Leanne helped create her signature arrangement which is super girly and playful!


What you will need for this arrangement:

4x Pink Peony Stem, 3 x Eucalyptus Stem & 3 x Gypsophila Stem

The lovely Kelsey is such a huge supporter of us here at B&G, with her gorgeous home, we knew the flower arrangement had to match her beautiful home!

Kelsey's arrangement is simply our white hydrangea stems, this is the perfect base for any arrangement!

SHOP KELSEY FLOWERS ( & others that compliment this stunning classic look)

What you will need to create this Arrangement:

5x White Hydrangea Stem, !x Polished Aluminium Vase



Remember you can always pop into store or we can send you flower images via email or IG to help create you perfect arrangement!









As  you can see the possibilities are endless with the floral combinations, we adore this pink @ girly arrangement we created for Charlotte! 

This Spring fresh look for Nicole is so stunning with the hints of green foliage within this flower bundle!

How beautiful is this light and airy flower arrangement we created for Katrina, love the blush pinks and creams mixed together!


bg signature 2.jpg




B&G Team

article header.jpg

So your candle is sadly finished....

Don't let this get you down, its transformation time!

Technique 1:

Step 1: Firstly lets get the tin prepped and ready for its make over! (Lets get rid of that remaining wax) -note, candle in image is not finished (you'll normally have around 1/4" of wax remaining)

Step 2: Boil the kettle, heck make a cup of tea to enjoy and maybe grab some biccys too!

Step 3: Gently pour boiling water into empty candle containers to melt residue wax. (We recommend holding your candle with oven gloves or a tea towel, as it will get VERY HOT, nobody wants burnt fingers).

Step 4: Pour out water carefully - glass and metal does get hot! If you have an empty bottle then pour it in there, not down the sink).

Step 5: Wipe container clean with a paper towel to get any last remaining wax/water out of the tin/glass.

Step 6: If the wick tab is still left behind, scrape it out with a knife.


Technique 2:

So technique 2 requires a putty knife of a butter knife, this technique is best if there is a very minute amount of wax in the tin or glass container, BE VERY CAREFUL if you use this method to scrap out the wax! 

candle size.jpg

SHOP SUCCULENTS for your Upcycle!


It really is as simple as placing your chosen pieces in your candle tin/glass jar! 

Add your base first leaving some space at the top so not to spill any if moved. Then start playing around with positioning your succulents or silk flowers. A large candle tin of succulents would look amazing! 

We love how our silk flower tin looks, would look so pretty with a mixture of colours also!

Something we feel very strongly about is caring for the environment here at B&G, with our next few posts focussing on our steps for change this year be it with our stock, finished products & our packaging, we wanted to highlight today a way to UPCYCLE a finished tin candle!

DIY is one thing but to UPCYCLE can be to create something even more unique. You guys know the drill, here at B&G we LOVE our candles, from our glass jar signature scents to our Pintail tins! We'll take every scent!

The question is though, after you've enjoyed your candle, what next? Throw it away?? Perhaps (pop it in the recycling bin) or UPCYLE it into a nifty new treasure for your interior space.

technique 1.jpg

Now the fun part! Time to UPCYCLE your tins!

What you will need :

Faux succulents- (we have shown them here with real ones, but for ease and no worries about them dying, our selection of faux succulents is perfect for this!)

Sand/Stones/Pebbles- depending on your desired finished look, choose from the mentioned 'base' options for your succulents to be placed in. (These can be purchased online or from your local DIY store).

Scissors- in case you need to cut your faux succulents to size.

Silk Flowers- For this we only use the heads of our silk flowers which can be easily cut or removed. The other elements of the stems such as the leaves can be used for future UPCYCLES & DIY's.


SHOP SILK FLOWERS for your Upcycle

(Other silk flowers are available, these are the three colour option for the ones shown in this tutorial) 

Do remember to tag us @berrysandgrey #berrysandgrey if you decide to do some upcycling of your own!

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B&G Team

The flower wall, what was typically used as a backdrop for weddings, events and parties have now branched out to be the EXT BIG THING with interior trends for cafes, restaurants and shops. 

We have had our numerous flower walls in our B&G store for over a year now, with the instagram popularity of a cafe in London called Elan Cafe', we thought we'd have a look at this growing trend and discuss why we think its not going away any time soon.

Morning Lavender Boutique in California by  @jessica_dibella

Morning Lavender Boutique in California by @jessica_dibella

From being an amazing backdrop for magical wedding to now gracing the likes of our favourite coffee houses, big scale flower walls pack a punch with their girly vibes. With Kim Kardashian even having 2 for her own wedding, we can imagine them being a permanent fixture in the Kardashian West Mansion for all those photo opportunities.

Elan Cafe. Image from Pinterest

Elan Cafe. Image from Pinterest

Peggy Porschen. Image from Pinterest

Peggy Porschen. Image from Pinterest

The photo opportunities with flower walls is what we believe to be the 'selling' point so to speak of them popping up. We even site Floral Installations as something on the rise. We have our own floral hearts in our B&G windows, with cake shop Peggy Porschen having a themed floral display on the exterior of their London shop. Its a great way to entice customers to see what else you have to offer. Which in all the cases we've looked at is SO MUCH MORE...


It's not just London where flower wall and instalations have become a normality, we've found some beautiful installations in Barcelona, Seattle & California. 

With the versatility of faux flowers you don't have to worry about watering them, so they are perfect all year round. We do however want to highlight the real florists too who are paving the way for our inspiration with their innovative shapes and displays.

Photo of By Appointment Only Florists in London

Photo of By Appointment Only Florists in London

We love this installation that draws you inside the shop with clever positioning and fluid shapes.With the dark exterior the bright pink peonies work so well. We can only imagine what display they have for Halloween with this black sleek exterior.

Amazing Floral Ceiling in Bellavista del Jardin Del Norte in Barcelona. Image by  @saraoconor

Amazing Floral Ceiling in Bellavista del Jardin Del Norte in Barcelona. Image by @saraoconor

Poke Lover- Seattle by  @kaylalynnkrantz

Poke Lover- Seattle by @kaylalynnkrantz

We can't wait to create some amazing new installations and flower walls in amazing themes and colours over the next year! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 16.58.12.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 16.58.00.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 16.57.23.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 16.57.49.png
bg signature 2.jpg


B&G Team


One thing that has become apparent over the last few years, well we say few its probably been the last 10 years is that we are all constantly on our phone or on some kind of tech. As much as we love it, there is a time now for us to put it aside and GET IN THE ZONE. Having a place in your home which is a point of contact is really important for being happy and healthy. 

Be it the kitchen, for social gathering with friends, music, food and laughter. Perhaps a cooking date with your partner? Spending time with people is what makes your body happy. 

Maybe you want to have the living room as your place of contact, crank up the music and get the wine flowing for a girls night in, having a gossip and a giggle. Perhaps a chilled Sunday morning yoga session with your Mum. 

Perhaps you have a busy family life, then make your dining room your place of contact, a time for catch ups about the day, no tech and family time.

Pinterest - click to be taken to source

Pinterest- click to be taken to source

Pinterest -click to be taken to source

Pinterest-click to be taken to source


With more and more now working from home its paramount you try to separate your work from your home space. If you are lucky to have an office then make it fit for you, a desk and a comfy back supporting chair for starters. Fill your desk with the essentials and of course some aesthetically pleasing pieces too. Shelving and storage are key to your organisation for a home office.

If you don't have an office space, perhaps a screen or cube shelving unit can help keep home and work separate.

Pinterest - click to be taken to source

Pinterest- click to be taken to source

Pinterest - click to be taken to source

Pinterest- click to be taken to source


Getting a good nights sleep is key to keeping your mind happy, being sleepy is not what you want to be worrying about during your day. 

Cosy throws, cushions & blankets will make your bedroom interior more inviting and calming. Faux flowers will provide a fluffy sense of calmness too! 

Art work with motivational quotes are a great way to wake up with a positive mindset.

Pinterest -click to be taken to source

Pinterest-click to be taken to source

CarlyRowena -click to be taken to source

CarlyRowena-click to be taken to source


We are all guilty of keeping little piles of letters, cutouts, bills & magazines dotted around the place. Keeping trinkets and adding to the floor-drobe on a daily basis. Keeping a tidy house will in a way keep your mind tidy too! Have a weekly sort out and tidy so each week beings a fresh and in order. Storage units, shelving, boxes, you name it, get your clutter tidied, thrown away or filed!

Pinterest - click to be taken to source

Pinterest- click to be taken to source

Pinterest - click to be taken to source

Pinterest- click to be taken to source

If you have signed up to our Newsletter you'll find a companion to this blog post with some healthy snacks that keep us saying YES to snacking all day long!! 

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B&G Team


On a bright and (for a change, not a rainy morning) two of our B&G team, Nicole & Jenny headed to London for a day of buying, sourcing and gaining  lots of inspiration from Top Drawer London held at London Olympia! Having been the previous year, no pre expectations were on their minds. Always good to go to a trade show with an open mind, soak in all that there is to offer!

Wow! What a showcase this year, from the many many stands they visited so much talent and stunning products to be able to bring to you over the new few months! 

whimsical whites.jpg

The strong colour palettes that were spotted were, whites and greens (both in a spring vibe and a tropical sense)! Deep blues, red and oranges paired with metallics for a dark and muddy atmosphere! Also spotted (hard to miss) lots of bright colours, hot pinks, teals, purples (Pantone's Colour of the year is Ultra Violet after all) and some more out there neons!

everything else.jpg

So much to see over such a short amount of time! With scanner in hand (bit like when you watch people shop for weddings type thing) Nicole & Jenny began to pick out some favourites and some amazing new pieces!

hot pink.jpg

Truly blown away by the amazing pieces and displays at Top Drawer this yeah! All the brands smashed it out the park! So much inspiration wherever we looked! Plenty of ideas and fun exciting ventures are in the pipeline here at B&G, we live and breathe it here at B&G HQ, with trips like these we get so many incredible ideas and find quirky/new/innovative pieces that might be making there way into your home soon! Keep an eye out for any Instagram posts or stories about our new deliveries!

bg signature 2.jpg

Let's get Lit

Nicole Pugh

Having spent every winter as a child curled up next to my grandparents fireplace, throwing in sweet wrappers and Christmas paper just to see the magical embers, I have always been left with a warm and magical longing want to have one of my own.

Living in an apartment block ever since moving out from my parents (I've lived in a Victorian converted hospital, a coastal new build overlooking the Cornwall coast, and now a factory conversion) I have been deprived of such a luxury. Not having a nearby flue, or the money to adapt any serious pipe work, I had closed the book on this fantasy of curling up with a hot chocolate in the winter months next to a burning glow of a warm fire. That is, until I had found out the fabulous offerings of Imagin Fires.

So first things first, when I was browsing through the fabulous fires, I just sighed in presumption that these beautiful fires needed to be 'plumbed in' as such. How wrong was I?! These fire places by Imagin Fires are completely free standing, bio-ethonol fires, which need no external fitting, piping or any additional work needed to install them. They literally are free to move where ever you wish, whether you fancy a cosy fire lit dinner, a warm night telling stories to you kids in bed (scandinavian style) or just the generic living space location, these fires are a fabulous versatile alternative, which both oozes aesthetic goals and function.

How do they work you ask? Well, as they are bio-ethanol, this means they are clean burning, producing heat, but no toxic fumes, leaving it extremely family friendly and still holding that warm orange and blue flame. You can see more about the science here.

Right: My Factory Conversion Apartment in Norwich City





Below: My open plan space showing the Howarth Fireplace

photos @miss.p instagram 

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.37.02.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.33.15.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.37.22.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.31.00.png

So after realising all of this, I was completely sold, and my excitment returned! I needed to find the right fireplace for me, as I live in such an open planned apartment, I felt the only solution was the  Howarth in white. ( also available in black) as I loved the 'Hygge elements and Scandinavian feels. This beauty also has a full glass surround so you can place it in the centre of the room for all company to enjoy. Completely and utterly sold me there! I was tempted by so many others too, as they have such a fantastic range.


In the base of the fire, you can also choose whether you would like to include ceramic logs or pebbles as a decorative enhancement. As you can't have real logs (due to the flammability ) I opted for ceramic logs ( the pebbles also look fabulous and ultra contemporary). You can shop all of the accessories also through this link.

Not only that, you can choose from normal or SCENTED FUEL! Yes you heard it right! The options included Deep forest scented, low odour, or Coffee, I opted for the Coffee scented fuel, as I am an avid coffee house frequenter! This totally upgraded my dream to another level!

Imagine Fires not only have a fabulous website, offering every possible contemporary, modern and stylish statement piece you can think of, their customer service is paramount, the quality and finish of the item is second to none, and finally, they and their website have answered every possible question I had on their products, so I could make the best decision possible to suit my home.

Situated in Wales, this company is a fellow independent, which conveys in such a spectacular manor, its hard to find a fault. I couldn't recommend Imagin Fires highly enough for their design eye, sourcing, communication, delivery and final result of me reliving my childhood moments. Thankyou again.

The HOWARTH bioethanol fire is the latest and amongst the most distinctive addition to their range of biofires. It’s designed and manufactured specifically for customers that love the Scandinavian styling of woodburners, but without the usual expense and hassle associated with installing them. Woodburner styling partnered perfectly with bioethanol simplicity. 


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B&G Team

What a year its been! We thought it would be nice to do a yearly round up, the past year has been amazing here at B&G, from the launch of our new site, 2 amazing events & another successful trip to Paris to get inspiration and innovative new ideas for all of you!

We are so proud of everything we have achieved this year, as an independent business we want to continue to grow and be innovative with our brand! We love how many of you want to help us do that to ,with your custom, sharing and all round kindness about how you see us as a brand!

We launched our brand new website at the beginning of this year, a makeover that truly speaks to you as we always wanted! We hope you all still love it as much as we do. We collaborated with some of our favourite influencers on personalised candles which you have been loving. 

We continue to create our signature flower arrangements, we even teamed up with Windsor Bishop for some beautiful wedding open days to share our beautiful flowers with 'brides to be in Norwich.

We said we love you and good bye to our Polzeath store. Much love to our Cornwall days, but we now look ahead to the B&G Norwich HQ era of B&G!

We launched even more beautiful scents of our B&G Signature Candle, with a range of bath and body lotions and hand washes too!

Another successful year of Paint Workshops, with so many of you wanting to learn more we have created some unique and creative workshops for our 2018 calendar! We are so excited for more of you to learn and create with us!

We held not 1 but 2 events this year! The first being a blogger event which was so lovely to catch up with our blogger gals for an evening of nibbles, prosecco and each ups!

Our 2nd event was our biggest ever and an amazing collaboration with other amazing local businesses', Hairsmiths and Bond being just a few in a star line up of local businesses' that took part and collaborated with the event!

We had another successful trip to Paris for the Maison et Object Trade show to source buy and soak up so much innovation and inspiration, that we can't wait to inject into the store even more next year! We even had a cheeky trip to Disney which was truly magical.

We have continued to hold our Paint workshops, with so many of you learning and creating with us. We have now added some new techniques and fun courses to next years calendar too!

An incredible opportunity came to us in the last third of the year from the oh so lovely Tiffany Watson and her new venture THREE SIX FIVE, we created and put together her stand set up at Stylist Live in London. What an amazing experience that was and such a great response from all involved.

One of our final highlights of the year is the amazing Royal Arcade Christmas Decorations. We banded together illustrators, art students and creatives to create 1000 handwritten envelopes to hang from the ceiling of the Arcade! Wow how magical has it looked over the festive period!

Lets look back at some highlights of 2017!

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.38.49.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.39.10.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.39.25.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.41.21.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.40.45.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.40.50.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.43.40.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.40.18.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.43.29.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.41.02.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.42.13.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.44.34.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.51.13.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.50.44.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.52.09.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.44.18.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.45.42.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.47.50.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.47.13.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.48.26.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.48.56.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.46.53.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.45.29.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.45.10.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.45.19.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.48.00.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.45.58.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.49.21.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.51.35.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.51.54.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 12.52.36.png

We can't quite believe how quick the year has gone, but looking back we can't quite comprehend how much we have achieved! It has been one hell of a ride, and we have enjoyed every minute of it!

Thank you to everyone that has collaborated, worked with and purchased from us. You kindest is greatly appreciated. We can't wait for 2018! Lets do this!

x B&G





B&G Team


You've got your tree up, fairy lights on and decorations scattered with a purpose! You've just poured yourself a mulled wine and grabbed the remaining (from this current box anyway) mince pie from the cupboard... All is good and all is done.... But wait, there is something missing... what could it be? 

A festive wreath suddenly springs to mind... but you are already comfy on the sofa... pj's on, mulled wine in hand! What to do about this festive feature that greets visitors to your Christmas grotto! DIY my friends, you are gonna DIY the hell out of a festive wreath that will rival those seen on pinterest, and even better it will unique and individual to you! Pretty special right!

Our lovely Cecily has done just that. So lets jump right into it, with a little #selfpromotion from us with extra bits and pieces you can add, we have a STEP BY STEP guide to creating a homemade festive wreath!

You will need: Foliage, twigs, possibly wire, scissors, hot glue gun, string, fishing wire, mulled wine, mince pies, festive tunes. These final three are mandatory, do not start your DIY without these festive essentials! 




Step 1:

Collect your materials, grasses, ferns, leaves, pinecones, flowers. Whatever takes your fancy for your festive wreath. Some thick twigs/thin branches are a great base for your wreath. (You can also use wire as a shape maker).


Step 3:

Start placing your foliage into your frame, we used a hot glue gun to attach ours but again, string or fishing wire can work too. At this point we also poured ourselves another glass of mulled wine, lets festive up this DIY even more!



Step 2:

Place your frame pieces into place. Tie together with fishing wire to hide the joins, you can also use string if you are going for a rustic vibe.



Step 4:

Continue building up your foliage frame area, this one is going to be full so just keep on building! We can add some decorative pieces soon! 


Step 5:

Oh would you look at that, your wreath is starting to take shape! Time for the fun bit! Gather your flowers, pinecones, berries, decorations, mince pies (oh wait the mince pies are for us to eat). Lets get ready to personalise this wreath!


Step 6:

The additional of some subtle white foliage makes this wreath a real beauty. You can add so many bits to a festive wreath to make it totally unique to you! 


Step 7:

Go for classic red, these berries are the perfect addition to this wreath. Not just for your door either, table centre pieces, on the mantlepiece or on a console table. So many possibilities.

See below a time-lapse of Cecily in action creating this beautiful wreath!

We would love to see any creations you have attempted from the help of this tutorial! Remember to tag us @berrysandgrey or use the hashtag #berrysandgreyblog so we can see your beautiful creations and purchases!


Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our weekly Newsletter that run alongside our fortnightly Blog!


If however you want to make a wreath to keep year after year we have some amazing faux foliage in store that can tick all the boxes! We have included some options within the tutorial to either add to or use within your festive wreath making!

We thought we'd collect together some amazing wreath variations to get those ideas flowing(see below)!

Image  @alicedaisy__  (Instagram)

Image @alicedaisy__ (Instagram)

Image  @onethreedesign  (Instagram)

Image @onethreedesign (Instagram)

IMAGES:DIY Wreath @cecilyboon | Inspo @alicedaisy__ @onethreedesign

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B&G Team

December is here! Wow how quickly the year has flown by.

It times to get those festive faces on and gear up for a busy December! We hear at B&G HQ are excited to see all of our deliveries go out to you guys with many a potential Christmas gift included! 

We've been getting the festive vibes ready for the past few weeks, in collaboration with the Royal Arcade you may have seen the hundreds of handwritten hanging letters that have been swaying (in some cases crazily waving around in the strong breeze). The Royal Arcade looks so fun and magical, we can't believe the amazing response from all involved!

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 14.43.23.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 14.43.12.png

Our Christmas windows are proudly on display, with a traditional window with mountains of our B&G bags stacked up, flower wall looking on point and a very happy Fernando the Flamingo pulling a delicate sleigh full of potential Christmas gifts!

We've got many a gift idea in store too, from the small stocking filler & Secret Santa, to something a little bigger! 

Our festive favourite from so many of you are our Pintail Candles, we've got a whole range of festive scents perfect for this time of year. Our collective favourite right now is a NEW addition, Salted Caramel, oh my it is divine!

If you are slightly more into a traditional fragrance then we highly recommend the Cinnamon & Orange to put a festive smile on anyones face! Even a Scrooge! 


We even stumbled upon Christmas a few month early while we were exploring the Maison et Objet in Paris, with stunning table decorations and layout. 

Now what would Christmas be without a Tree!! We have our beautiful Led Lit Tree, which you can see in our Norwich store for something a little more extravagant this festive season.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 14.43.00.png

If you are looking for the smaller Christmas Decorations or Gifts, then be sure to sign up to our Weekly Newsletter where we are doing a FESTIVE Favourites feature and a selection of Gift Guides over the next few weeks!

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B&G Team

Embarking on a new venture: THREE SIX FIVE

What an amazing weekend! In case you haven't seen our numerous Instagram posts we have been at Stylist Live this weekend working with the beaut Tiffany Watson on a set design collaboration for her amazing new venture THREESIXFIVE. 

We love our B&G Interviews and just knew we had to get the lovely Tiffany involved! So sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy hearing from the founder of THREESIXFIVE all about this exciting new venture and whats next!

You can see a Behind The Scenes look at the set up of the stand on our new EVENTS page!

Behind The Brand: Wow! Exciting times! What inspired you to create THREESIXFIVE?

I have always wanted to start my own business but knew you had to have a real passion and fully believe in what you were creating in order for it to succeed. Being vegan is a huge part of my everyday life and I learn new information every day. It is no longer a unusual way of life and is very much becoming a norm. I wanted to create a product that would appeal to everyone not just vegans and saw a gap in the market for luxury vegan leather stationary.
Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 14.52.21.png

Life Essentials: How do you like to unwind?

Life can be crazy busy and stressful for all of us so I think it’s really important to take time to unwind and look after yourself so you can be refreshed and ready to work to the best of your ability. My favourite ways to relax are to have a long hot bubble bath and play relaxing music (My favourite is indian chill on spotify) or to do a yoga class or if I feel like treating myself I will organise a home massage.

Who is your Go To Style Icon?

My go to style icon would have to be Blake Lively because I think she always keeps it different and doesn’t stick to one style. She loves experimenting with different trends and I am all for that!

IMAGES BY: Jenny @ Berrys & Grey, ThreeSixFive London, Tiffany Watson & Lizzie @ blixcreative

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 14.51.22.png

The main aspect of these journals is that they are vegan friendly, we love your ethos. What other qualities are you excited to share about the journals?

I am excited to share the fact that it is all recycled paper, which was an important aspect of creating these planners because I want to encourage everyone to do their bit to look after our planet and be mindful. Amongst that it has unique aspects, such as a tracker for healthy eating, working out and drinking lots of water, a meditation guide and recommended vegan restaurants worldwide.

Even though you have only just launched THREESIXFIVE, do you have any plans to expand the time as well as the journal?

Yes we do have plans to expand Threesixfive in 2018 with bringing out further products so keep your eyes peeled! - (THIS EXCITES US GREATLY! STATIONARY HOARDERS THAT WE ARE).

What is your favourite feature on the journal?

My favourite feature on our journal is our layout because it is completely unique and as an organised person I love having space in my planner to write down my to do lists, notes and so on, which I made sure there was in the threesixfive planners.
Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 14.52.07.png

What would you say reflect your interior style inspirations?

My interior style inspirations are all about Scandinavian rustic vibes. However recently I have discovered scandi, industrial, which I am obsessed with! I can spend hours on pinterest,  scrolling through different interiors and making boards! Designing my dream house is definitely a goal of mine one day. 

Name your three staple vegan meals? Do you have any favourite vegan treats to share with us?

My three favourite vegan meals are tofu pad thai, truffle mac and cheese and green curry. My sister’s new cookbook ‘Feed me vegan’ has amazing recipes in and really easy to follow too!

What would you say is your life quote?

My life quote would have to be ‘life is too short to be anything but happy’.

Finally. Where will the THREESIXFIVE Journals be available to buy?

My Threesixfive planners are available to buy on our website



We still can't believe how well this weekend went, our set design was beautifully on point with the THREESIXFIVE branding! Pinks, Greys, Whites and Marble! All the colours we love. What a collaboration! 

Thank you again Tiffany for believing in us to do your new journals justice with the stand design! We loved every minute of it and hope you did too! x

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B&G Team

Its that time of year again when you begin to reflect on who you have around you! We hear at B&G in our eyes are #squadgoals, we know that sounds a little OTT, but when you have a team around you that support you as much as ours its hard not to use want to hug them all the time. We are a great mix here at B&G, we wanted to reintroduce ourselves on here. We met so many of your at our Glitterati Event, we want to say hi to all those who couldn't make it too!

Stick around at the end of this post for our FAMILY tree, local businesses and friends who are indeed family, making our Norwich community that much better! Support, Encourage & Be Yourself!



Our boss babe leader. Queen of style, sass and motivation. Always there when we need her, driving this ship that is B&G, her creation, innovation and LIFE. Sharing her passion of interior with us every single day! Bursting with ideas and new ways to share the B&G world with all of you!

The head of our B&G GirlGang, ready to get to work and also have a giggle and a dance! We love a impromptu work disco!


Ideal interior space would be something modern and contemporary. The main elements would be clean & minimalist. Bring in some statement flowers, greenery with some oversized succulents. A factory setting with lots of window space for brightness.

FAVE PLACE TO VISIT - Miami Florida, its my second home and a place that holds a special place in my heart!





She's our foxy red head who is always up for a laugh! We love how dedicated she is to B&G, our floral extradinare, who has created so many gorgeous flower arrangements for many a wedding! 

We are so lucky to have her talent and enthusiasm.


My favourite style is Swiss design. I like that it combines minimalist design with every day life. Using industrial hints with natural substance such as concrete, wood and brick! Its perfectly versatile, and with the addition of more prints, plants and colour you can make it customised to your own style and needs. I also like the use of storage and thinking of clever and unique ways to store and display your items.

FAVE PLACE TO VISIT- Berlin, it was our first couples holiday! The interior design was incredible!




Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 15.40.05.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 15.32.01.png


Our in house blogger, who works her magic on the insta stories and here on our blog!

Constant giggler and recently caught wearing a bucket load of glitter at our event!

I adore a cosy home, which is warm yet bright. I love the 'Danish' way of doing interiors and love the whole 'Hygge' way of living, which applies to interiors too. Faux fur, candles, greys and warm tones.

FAVE PLACE TO VISIT: After a trip to Copenhagen last year, I’ve become addicted to anything Danish! Would love to visit other Scandinavian Countries some day!





The newest member of our team ( saying that some of you might recognise her, she had a brief break from us at B&G but is now back!)

Bringing her paint workshop skills and berets back to us at B&G. She's organised, and can have a proper laugh! 

Welcome back Cec!

INTERIOR STYLE- I adore the French/Nordic style; simplistic, neutral interiors adorned with blousy floral arrangements, antique ornaments, repurposed furniture and masses of natural, raw materials. Nothing that can’t be achieved with a lick of chalk paint and a keen eye. This romantic, French-countryside style oozes elegance but still feels homely. C’est Bon!

FAVE PLACE TO VISIT – The North Norfolk coast. There is nothing I love more than wrapping up warm and taking a long stroll along the beautiful English coastline. Wide open spaces, sun on your face, wind in your hair…bliss.

FAVE COLOUR – For interiors it has to be white. AUTENTICO EQUIVALENT- Casa Blanca. Generally though my all time favourite colour is pink! AUTENTICO EQUIVALENT- Antique Rose.






We have a long standing love for Deb and her team over at Hairsmiths! For a great haircut, colour, restyle or blow-dry they are our go to Norwich salon! With Label M Products & top class stylists its the only place any of us here at B&G go!








When we decided to overhaul our website we knew we had to get someone who would listen to our constant ideas and help us develop and turn those ideas into a reality. Tim at Eastkin helped us do just that. They also filmed our website advert and our Glitterati Ad too, super creative bunch!

















The mega talented Janie, where to begin. With her creative ideas bursting at all times, we know we are going to get the very best images from her. She's photographed so many events and do's for us over the years! The only lady we know who gets it spot on everytime.





Another boss babe business woman, with their fresh take on personalised pieces we are in love with their innovation.Paving the way for delicate jewellery with a twist we adore all they have to offer. The perfect place for a heartfelt gift or treat to yourself. Because we'd totally by a bracelet engrave 'to me, love me'!







Louise at U & Your Skin, is an absolute dream! She's IN THE KNOW! About everything skincare, with innovative treatments and tailor making a skin care regime that will work for you, we know you will be going back time after time! @uandyourskin




From seeing her show at Norwich Fashion Week, to now being a fully fledged designer! Not just any designer, but truly beautiful lingerie. She provided our models with glorious pieces for our glitterati event! All hand made and made to fit any shape! @ellicelydia_



Our go to place for outfits that are ahead of the game in fashion! They love a cheeky bit of leopard print too which is always good in our book! @vanillanorwich



Go to glam or fresh faced make up. Kirstie can bring out all your best features and makes you forget about any negatiities you have with your looks! @kirstiemakeup



Stylist extraordinare! She styled our girls for our Glitterati event and killed it! Louise holds workshop and stylist sessions at Vanilla! We can't wait to get more tips on how to de clutter or dress for our shape! @louiselace



BOND no28

Our friends at Bond know how to trow a good party! We recently collaborated with them to house the after party of our Glitterati event! The perfectly sized venue for an evening out or even a Sunday Roast. @bondno28



Danielle at Mae Cosmetics is absolute goals. From eyelash extensions to semi permanent brows she works wonders on making you look how you want and feel positive about yourself. @maecosmeticsuk


B&G Team

We can hardly believe its been over a week since we all got our glitter on for our Glitterati Event! So many of you came along and enjoyed the evening with us! We all had a blast getting to see all of your having the best time. Just a small round up of our fave images from the night, with the lovely Janie from Valentine Studio having taken so many more! All are available to view by following her on Facebook, which we will link below!

We had Emily and her team at Love Moi Glitter Bar, transform us all into glitter goddesses! Deb from Hairsmiths giving us all glam hair and sleek glitter do's! With so many more amazing people collaborating we really can't thank everyone enough!! 

Thank You to everyone for helping, and attending our biggest event yet!! WE DID IT!

glitterati throwback.jpg
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B&G Team

Wow! What an event! Thank you to all that came along! We hope you had a glittertastic time, we certainly did! Now all we need it about 14 hours sleep, a cosy blanket and a hot chocolate to wind down! Which is exactly what todays post is about, get snuggled up with our indulgent faux fur throws, hot water bottles and eye masks. Light some of our autumnal candles and have a movie day! You deserve it!


Whether its be snuggled up in bed or cosy in your pjs on the sofa, we love having chilled out days reading magazines or binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix before season 2!! A luxurious throw is just what is needed!


With the nights getting chillier we all just want to put the heating on, but in all honesty, we want to save money too! We love a good old fashioned hot water bottle, with a faux fur cover our hot water bottles are next level of comfort and cosiness! We want one in every colour to keep out feet warm.

Have we inspired you to get cosy for a B&G Night in? We love to see your autumnal feels purchases, so don't forget to tag us #berrysandgreyblog 

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As much as we love summer and all those good vibes, autumn is pretty magical to us! A change in the season, when you can layer up all your knits, chunky scarves and teddy bear coats! We love that we get such definitive seasons! 

We have some stunning autumnal/festive candles which start to creep out a lot more over the next few weeks. 

Is the season to find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have
— Anon.


B&G Team

With our Glitterati event coming up next week, we wanted to get you inspired with some glitter inspired images and for those lucky enough to be coming to the event (invite only sorry guys), we wanted to get your taste buds excited for what we have in store!


Step 2:

Glitter make up is everywhere, and we mean literally! Classic smokey eye with some added glitter or got OTT with all out glitter!


Step 1:

Time to get those glad rags on... with sparkle all around its time to go twirl and dance the night away


We cannot wait for our Glitterati Event, we've worked and collaborated with some of our favourite local businesses and favourite people to create this fun and glamorous event! We look forward to seeing you all there!

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Step 3:

Grab a glass of bubbly and enjoy an evening of music, friends and a fab setting!



B&G Team

When the world is suffering everything can seem a little daunting. Banding together to create joy and happiness is the way forward. Be kind, be nice.

-Illustration by Haley of Sundae Studios ( )

-Illustration by Haley of Sundae Studios (

Get your gals together and support, look out for and build each other up. No competition or comparison. Especially in an online space, its so easy to be flooded with the idea of perfect and trying to compare your middle of the story to someones success.

One way we have tried to overcome this is to gather a group of amazing, independent, powerful woman together and creating a creative space to vent and process.

Throwing around ideas and sharing opportunities is how you build and grow, not buy disliking or feeling jealous of something you can easily obtain with hard work and positive energy!

A little something to show our ongoing girl gang vibes is our tote bag, designed by Charlie the red headed goddess she is! Be apart of our B&G Girl Gang! At only £10 they are sleek and stylish, while also being very handy for all those shopping trips with the gals! Unlike the 'squad vibes' of Taylor Swift we can to build ours, not exclude!

As the Spice Girls would say 'GIRL POWER'!!!

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B&G Team

Dare we say it but the autumnal/winter months are approaching fast! So its time to start thinking about wrapping up and keeping those toes warm and comfy with our sheepskin rugs and stools!

@iamchouquette via instagram

@iamchouquette via instagram

@the_white_factory via instagram

@the_white_factory via instagram


Our gorgeous Sheepskin stools are really a great focal piece in any lounge, bedroom or dressing room! With a choice of 3 hairpin leg colours you can create an individual look for your style.

We adore the look of the Teal Sheepskin with Copper legs for a modern moody vibe. For something very classic Ivory with Gold legs is an absolute dream!

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 14.41.19.png



With an arrangement of muted to bright colours the choice can be difficult! Pop into our Norwich store and have a look at some that we have in store for a closer look. 

We get them made for each order and each stool arrives with its own little brush to keep it maintained! Super cute!

We love the various uses of these stools, not just for sitting on or putting your feet up, these are also great to use as an extra display surface or even with a tray on with trinkets.

@rosefortescue via instagram

@rosefortescue via instagram

@iamchouquette via instagram

@iamchouquette via instagram

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B&G Team

September is one of our favourite months, not only does it mean that autumn is almost here so we can get wrapped in our favourite knits. It also means we take our yearly trip to Paris to the Maison Et Objet Trade show to source, browse, purchase and drool over new and favourite suppliers in one space! We thought it would be nice to show you some of the amazing pieces we saw, while we didn't purchase all of this, the amount of inspiration we have for the coming months and next year is unreal! Sit back, make a cuppa and enjoy scrolling through our day at the show!

IMG_1107 2.JPG
IMG_1115 2.JPG

With 8 Halls full of amazing and diverse brands and suppliers we started by heading to our favourites that we use to see their amazing displays and make some purchases. After this we then browsed and found a few new suppliers that we can't wait to show you! Bright colours featured alot along with embellishments and pattern! We are so excited to create some amazing displays that fully show the potential of particular items that can enhance your own home!

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B&G Team

Now we all know that we LOVE our candles here at B&G HQ! We have our popular and much loved signature scent Prosecco & Berries, the perfect blend of summer berries and our favourite tipple! We have also expanded with 3 new one off fragrances created by 3 of our dream team!

Explore their reasons behind their candles and get ready to want to buy each one and have them make your home smell amazing!

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 15.00.17.png

Firstly lets go back to the start! With our amazing, packs a punch fragranced Prosecco & Berries. A firm favourite and envisioned by owner of B&G the petite sized goddess Nicole, sophisticated and classy vibes all put into a candle! We love!

Shop the Prosecco & Berries Range:

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 15.00.24.png

Jenny's Candle 'Ooh Peachy' is a cheeky nod to peachy bums, with one of her favourite fragrances being peach too it was the perfect combination. Sweet floral and Peach vibes for a cute candle that has a fun a cheeky label!

Shop Jenny's Candle:


We've also got an amazing competition running at the moment, if you want to have your own personalised candle made into a limited run to be sold at B&G! All we need is a quote (make it something that means something to you), your candle fragrance and lid colour: gold, copper or chrome. We will then pick our favourites and choose a winner!!

Email us at with your candle ideas! GOOD LUCK!

In other exciting news we have 2 personalised candles in the pipeline from 2 amazing influencers and friends of B&G! We can't wait for you to get your hands on their personalised candles!

bg signature 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 15.02.00.png

Next up we've got "You'll Do" created by Charlie, our mermaid redhead and all round babe! Vanilla & Tobacco for a very unique fragrance. The idea came about from her love of vanilla lattes and smoking! The label design is based on one of her tattoos!

Shop Charlie's Candle: 

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 17.33.00.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 15.02.17.png

Lastly we have Georgie's Candle, 'NON.' One of the words that Georgie's little girl D just kept repeating one day, she's a sassy mini version of Georgie so having a candle that means something on a personal level brought to life was something so fun to do! With a very mysterious and dark black pomegranate fragrance this candle is perfect for the Autumnal months ahead! We adore it!

Shop Georgie's Candle:

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 15.00.10.png