Flora Oxalis Arrangement

Flora Oxalis Arrangement


Lifelike and allergy-friendly artificial woodsorrel in the colour green. This woodsorrel measures L34xW26xH36 cm and is so realistic that you can enjoy nature in your interior design without necessarily having green fingers. Every single artificial plant and flower in our Flora series is handmade by a skilled artisan and has undergone a long manufacturing process in order to ensure the most authentic and realistic look. We have at Lene Bjerre managed to create a universe of unique and exclusive artificial flowers, artificial plants and artificial fruits, all of which are so lifelike that you would think they were real. We have thus made it easy for you to create a natural and authentic atmosphere in your home, without having to think about care and cultivation. NOTE: All line bjerre artificial flowers and plants can withstand temperature swings, are hypoallergenic, can be left in dark rooms and are cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

MATERIALS:  Dyed resin and plastic

DIMENSIONS: Height: 36 cm


Each of our silk flower stems and arrangements are made from resin to the highest and most realistic quality. These pieces really are a great investment to your home offering you minimum maintanance and maximum statement.

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Berrys & Grey Suggested Aftercare

All of our potted arrangements and stems are made to the highest standard, however now and then over time to revitalise their look, you may need to maintain them slightly. This is really simple to do. Follow these guidelines and you shall have a beautiful investment!

1. Not recommended for outdoor use.
Whilst our flowers are perfect for an event or and occasion, we do not recommend use for outdoors as these will only withstand normal dry indoor conditions.

2. Dust the leaves and petals

Sometimes your flowers will naturally acquire a little dust on the petals. We recommend first that you just give a light shake of the stem, and to give the petals a really light blow. Do not use extreme air such as a vacuum cleaner. We do not recommend any hot air as this may melt the fibres in the material.

3. Cleaning and Freshen up

If you happen to find a stain on one of the petals, a perfect solution is a baby wipe, or a warm damp cloth with fairy washing up liquid. Just a light dabbing, not rubbing should do the trick.

4. Avoid using cleaning bleach

We strongly recommend that no harsh cleaning products are used. These may bleach or break down the fibres. Soap and fairy liquid is the best form of cleaning product.