Koala Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle and Eye Mask Set - Options available


 Our luxurious faux fur hot water bottles couldn’t be more perfect for snuggling up to on a cold night. They would also make a great gift for a friend or loved one that you are looking to spoil. 

The Koala Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle is a firm favorite here at Berrys & Grey. It has a luxuriously soft and silky texture and its taupe base with white tips gives it a truly natural look. The lining of the hot water bottle cover is made from a soft velboa in graphite, for added insulation and heat longevity. It also has a hidden zip in the back that can be opened part way for the removal of the hot water bottle. Finished off with our signature logo sewn on the side, this bottle makes a truly luxurious treat.



H- 40cm W- 20cm

The Faux Fur fibres are over 3 cm long (1½ inches).



Vegan friendly

Outer: Faux fur, velboa and zip.

Inner: Thermal hot water bottle.



Sold as a matching faux fur bottle and eye mask set.



1.Sold as a matching faux fur bottle and eye mask set.

2. Eye Mask Only

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