The ‘Iconic Arrangement’ by Emma Taylor


We have teamed up with stylish illustrator Emma Taylor and creator of the 'Happy Hour Podcast'  to create this utterly stunning and timeless arrangement.

Emma chose these florals because:

’They are a neutral palette and will go beautifully in any home. The hydrangeas symbolises unity and togetherness which I love.’

Arrangement composes of:

3 x Off White Hydrangeas

3 x Lavender Olive hydrangea

5 x Vienna Roses


MATERIALS:  Dyed resin and plastic


Note- note this arrangement is sold WITHOUT THE VASE. 
You can buy the vase here with our affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission.

Our stems arrive in various lengths also and depending on vase, may need bending or cutting. You can find a tutorial here.

MATERIALS: Dyed resin and plastic - faux flowers

Dimensions:  Approx 45cm


Each of our faux flower stems and arrangements are made from resin to the highest and most realistic quality. These pieces really are a great investment to your home offering you minimum maintenance and maximum statement.

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