Welcome to Berrys & Grey, an independent online luxury lifestyle store. 

Wow, what a wonderful journey we have been on. Berrys and Grey began with my love of creating beautiful interiors for myself, family, and friends. 9 years ago when the idea of this business began I was flying for a private airline, and found myself decorating on all my standbys, loving every moment, any DIY Hack and any magazine cutting of something a little different.
I decided to move this idea forward into physical store, the first being located in Polzeath, Cornwall, shortly followed by the second store opening in Norwich, with a sub-branch in Holt, Norfolk. Our magic came alive in these stores, and thats where our visions were shown to the world.
As our business grew, our social platforms propelled even higher, generating many wonderful new customers, fabulous tags in photos and mentions from some inspiring fellow creatives. As our online expanded it became apparent that the business and demand was changing for us. In March 2019 Berrys and Grey decided to evolve to a solely online platform, offering a lifestyle, products and service with a passion.
We now find passion through interior design services, showcasing some incredible items to purchase online, and luxe yet affordable, conscious creative sourcing.
The name Berrys and Grey stems from a favourite wine and colour, not my name (Nicole), I felt the english heritage and the importance of sourcing small and independent shines through the brand. The important thing to always remember is to keep evolving, and let your originality and morals shine through.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy what we are about.