The Berrys and Grey step to step guide on how to ensure your Dried flowers last beautifully.
Dried flowers are a natural product, therefore they come in different sizes and can vary in colour depending on the season.
Dried flowers do not need water, they are the best kept in dry areas of the house to preserve their freshness. You should give you pampas a shake outside first to get rid of the first layer of seeds
Dried blooms must be kept indoors, and when arranging them, they must be handled with care due to their delicate nature of being real plants
You can trim your flowers easily using a good pair of scissors to cut through the

For a more in depth video of how to look after dried flowers watch this Instagram IGTV with Nicole!
This guide is just a helpful tool to advise ways to keep your dried flowers lasting longer. Berrys and Grey can not be held accountable for any damage, due to our non - expert claims.