The Berrys and Grey step to step guide on how to ensure your faux flowers last beautifully.


Faux Flowers are a low maintenance alternative to florals, they will last forever with minimal upkeep and maximum statement. The perfect investement.


Here at Berrys and Grey, we want you find the perfect arrangement that best suits you and your lifestyle, which is why we have provided advice to help keep your flowers fresh and vibrant.
You can trim and mould your stem to get the look and height you want; we would recommend using some wire or hand – held cutters for this and to wear gloves. Please note, if the flowers are cut and the wires exposed, your warranties may be invalid, and the stems can no longer be exposed to water in vases.
Style your flowers in quieter, low light areas of the house for the ultimate preservation and prevention of fading.
Every month, take them out of the vase and give them a light shake to get rid of any built -up dust between the leaves and petals. Afterwards you can also use a damp cloth to get rid of excess dust and stains, avoiding the use of harsh cleaning products.

Keep them to indoor use or occasionally season outdoor on a dry day, if necessary - the exposure to water can damage your flowers


For some times of year you may need to store some foliage or wreaths. Place the blooms in a sealed bag, within a spacious container, this way they will be protected while staying clean. 

Start enjoying your Forever florals!



This guide is just a helpful tool to advise ways to keep your Faux flowers lasting longer. Berrys and Grey cannot be held accountable for any damage, due to our non - expert claims.