Autentico Craquelure System

Autentico Craquelure System


Autentico Craquelure system creates tiny crackles on top of Autentico Vintage. It also works on top of Autentico Decoupage. The Base Coat creates the key and will remain tacky after drying (approx. 1 hour). The Top Coat creates the crackles and they appear after 30 minutes.

Materials: Metal Tin Container. Traditional 'pop off' paint lid.

Volume: Both Base Coat & Top Coat 200ml

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Paint your surface the required colour of paint, then wait to dry.

Apply craquelure BASE COAT, then wait to dry (approx. 15 mins [it remains tacky])

Apply craquelure TOP COAT, wait to dry (approx. 15 mins [you will see it begin to crack])

Once dry use wax to highlight cracks.

Wash brush immediately after use.