Autentico Crackle glaze

Autentico Crackle glaze


Autentico Crackle Glaze 250ml Autentico Crackle Glaze is used to create crackles between two coats of Autentico Vintage chalk paint.  For best results apply the coat of Crackle Glaze in one direction. In our workshops we have found the thicker the coat of crackle glaze the more crackles will appear. 

Materials: Metal Tin Container. Traditional 'pop off' paint lid.

Volume: 250ml

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METHOD-  (you can use one or two different colours depending on desired finish)

Paint your surface the required colour that you want to see under the “crackle”, then wait to dry.

Apply CG in same direction as brush strokes, then wait to dry for 1 hour.

Apply your next coat of paint, which will “crackle”

OR - Paint CG straight onto surface without initial layer (eg. Wood with a layer of CG then paint on top.)

Wash brush immediately after use.