St. Eval Tin Candle - Scents Available

St. Eval Tin Candle - Scents Available


St Eval lies close to our hearts, being next to our first ever shop, we fell in love with the wonderful team and beautiful array of candles.

These mineral based candles but for approximately 45 hours, and emit a delightful aroma. Beautifully packaged in a brown labelled tin, these understated and muted tones emit such a current design aesthetic.

Please choose from the following drop down scents below. 

The tin enables you to keep the candle safely stored, fresh and the scent protected.

Candles sold as SINGLES.


Large tin 8cm x 8cm

Small tin 7cm x 6.5cm


Outer: Tin.

Inner: Candle made from fine quality raw materials.



Never leave a burning candle unsupervised. 

Burn on a heat resistant surface.

Burn time - up to 45 Hours

For best results keep wick trimmed. 


Comes with a tin lid.

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