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So your candle is sadly finished....

Don't let this get you down, its transformation time!

Technique 1:

Step 1: Firstly lets get the tin prepped and ready for its make over! (Lets get rid of that remaining wax) -note, candle in image is not finished (you'll normally have around 1/4" of wax remaining)

Step 2: Boil the kettle, heck make a cup of tea to enjoy and maybe grab some biccys too!

Step 3: Gently pour boiling water into empty candle containers to melt residue wax. (We recommend holding your candle with oven gloves or a tea towel, as it will get VERY HOT, nobody wants burnt fingers).

Step 4: Pour out water carefully - glass and metal does get hot! If you have an empty bottle then pour it in there, not down the sink).

Step 5: Wipe container clean with a paper towel to get any last remaining wax/water out of the tin/glass.

Step 6: If the wick tab is still left behind, scrape it out with a knife.


Technique 2:

So technique 2 requires a putty knife of a butter knife, this technique is best if there is a very minute amount of wax in the tin or glass container, BE VERY CAREFUL if you use this method to scrap out the wax! 

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SHOP SUCCULENTS for your Upcycle!


It really is as simple as placing your chosen pieces in your candle tin/glass jar! 

Add your base first leaving some space at the top so not to spill any if moved. Then start playing around with positioning your succulents or silk flowers. A large candle tin of succulents would look amazing! 

We love how our silk flower tin looks, would look so pretty with a mixture of colours also!

Something we feel very strongly about is caring for the environment here at B&G, with our next few posts focussing on our steps for change this year be it with our stock, finished products & our packaging, we wanted to highlight today a way to UPCYCLE a finished tin candle!

DIY is one thing but to UPCYCLE can be to create something even more unique. You guys know the drill, here at B&G we LOVE our candles, from our glass jar signature scents to our Pintail tins! We'll take every scent!

The question is though, after you've enjoyed your candle, what next? Throw it away?? Perhaps (pop it in the recycling bin) or UPCYLE it into a nifty new treasure for your interior space.

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Now the fun part! Time to UPCYCLE your tins!

What you will need :

Faux succulents- (we have shown them here with real ones, but for ease and no worries about them dying, our selection of faux succulents is perfect for this!)

Sand/Stones/Pebbles- depending on your desired finished look, choose from the mentioned 'base' options for your succulents to be placed in. (These can be purchased online or from your local DIY store).

Scissors- in case you need to cut your faux succulents to size.

Silk Flowers- For this we only use the heads of our silk flowers which can be easily cut or removed. The other elements of the stems such as the leaves can be used for future UPCYCLES & DIY's.


SHOP SILK FLOWERS for your Upcycle

(Other silk flowers are available, these are the three colour option for the ones shown in this tutorial) 

Do remember to tag us @berrysandgrey #berrysandgrey if you decide to do some upcycling of your own!

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