We LOVE a good flower wall! Which is why we wanted our very own! It’s been taking up residence in both our shops for quite some time now, and we are not getting bored anytime soon! Referring back to our feature wall post, the flower wall can be created in many different ways. Like we have, bold in your face blocks of colours or a little more delicate! It all depends on the occasion or setting!

Yes, it may be quite pricey to create one on such a large scale, but for something like a wedding then this can be easily budgeted in! They make great backgrounds for photos! For something a little more purse friendly, making a block flower headboard would bring some girly vibes into your bedroom! Looks super cute too!

How about something a little crafty? Get some washi tape and clear fishing wire and get to work!

We adore this unique take on the flower wall, in a way they also would make cute room separators like delicate floral curtains. Mix things up with the addition of washi tape, all our faux flowers can be easily cut to your preferred length and shaped to the position you need them in.


Now we’ve got your attention with all this crafting! How about even more ideas that make buying our faux flowers more than a one dimension purchase!

Gone are the days you just have flowers in a vase! Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE creating beautiful flower arrangements for you and love seeing the joy they bring to your house! We just want to explore even more ways to use our wonderful versatile product! Fed up of just having a plain mirror? Twist and mould your flowers around it to create something that looks like it should be in a Disney film! A really great gift idea is to create an initial with faux flowers! How cute are these for nurseries or to personalise an office space!

Our favourite DIY is creating a unique framed floral piece! You can customise with any colour, style, depth! Something to show others and be proud of!

If you have been inspired by any of these, and want to create your own! Pop into either of our stores and we can help you pick out all the flowers you need to create your unique DIY! Be it a flower wall or something a little different!

Remember to tag us #berrysandgreyblog with any of your purchases or creations based on our blogs! We love to see what you guys do with your purchases and also what else you would like to see from our blogs!

B&G Team