Fed up with plain walls? Want to try something different and make an amazing feature wall that you will cherish for years to come? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! In fact we’ve got a couple to show you!

Firstly lets chat about what we can offer you! We have our amazing range of Authentic Paint that can help create your ideal OMBRE WALL (seen below). With a wide range of colours to choose you can have an individual feature wall that no one else has, and you can say you DIY’d when you have friends round! Impressive ay! Secondly, we can help create a MURAL WALL, this is done simply by supplying us with your wall measurements +5% to count for any wastage and those pesky uneven walls some older properties have. Then go onto [ ] and find the image you want, you’ll need to send us the Image No too.  If its for a bathroom then a more durable wallpaper will be selected. We can then get that priced up for you and sent out to you to put up or if you want you can get someone to do it for you!

Another option for a feature wall, that is becoming really popular is having ‘bricks’ in traditional rusty red/browns, or white. These are great for any space and look great teamed up with some neon pieces or the odd road sign, for that nod to your favourite street!

Lets take a look at some Room by Room options:

Like mentioned earlier, getting a MURAL WALL is really simple, go to pick out your desired image and take down the number, send it on over to us with your wall measurements +5% and we will sort out the rest for you, and if everything is what you wanted (budget) then your are only a few steps away from having your MURAL WALL a reality! We recently worked with Carly on her dream space and the outcome was simply stunning!

How dreamy is that? Sadly Steven the Frenchy isn’t included! Prepare to all want a forest theme bedroom after looking at that over and over! Not gonna lie, we all want a space that can rock a feature wall!

Lets take a look at some Bedroom MURAL WALLS:


I don’t know about you but we’ve got about a gazillion shutterstock tabs open right now with so many glorious options! Having your feature wall behind your bed creates a faux headboard in a way, we also love a feature wall with a large mirror leaned up against the wall! 

If you can’t decide what art you want for an art wall then all of our options can work in your living room. Be it the minimalist white bricks, or a splash of colour with OMBRE WALLS, which we love! The raw texture just adds to the space, it also means you don’t have to go as mad with the blending which can be a positive!

We LOVE this trend, and we say trend loosely as feature walls are at times the foundations of a room, but these options just push the boundaries even more! We love being apart of creating interesting and unique spaces!

Remember to tag us #berrysandgrey with anything you do that has been inspired by our posts here on the B&G Blog! We love seeing what you create!

B&G Team