Grown In The UK Storage Jar

Grown In The UK Storage Jar

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This traditional storage jar is ideal for home preserving, perfect for homemade jam, marmalade and chutney. Our round 750ml glass storage jar is also a great way to store your kitchen cupboard essentials. With enough space for all your favourite everyday essentials from pasta, rice, lentils, dried fruit and herbs. This stylish storage jar comes with a secure hinged lid and airtight rubber seal ensuring your everyday ingredient are kept dry whilst retaining all the freshness and flavour of your homemade produce. This clear glass preserving jar is ideal for home-made jams, pickles and chutney or even home-grown pickled onions. Complete with a printed label reading ‘Grown in the UK’ ensuring your friends and family will be impressed once you present them with your homemade produce.

DIMENSIONS:Crafted in Glass Secure hinged lid Rubber seal Ideal for pickling

H14 x Dia10cm 750ml capacity

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