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Rose Luxe Faux Fur Hairpin Stool- Options Available


Rose Luxe Faux Fur Hairpin Stool- Options Available


Rose Luxe Faux Fur Hairpin Stool- Options Available

from 49.00

Luxe Faux Fur Hairpin Stool. Vegan Friendly and luxe at its finest. Featuring stylish industrial steel hairpin legs.

This is an exclusive design by Berrys & Grey for Baa Stool.

  • Removable Faux fur cover

  • Hairpin Legs in Industrial Steel - please choose from your desired colour legs

  • Made in the Uk

  • Fully upholstered cushioned seat featuring baa ribbon trimming.

  • Comes flat packed in a Baa Stool carry box – Some self assembly will be required.

  • Measures approximately 50 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm high including the faux fur topper- Please see faux fur care instructions attached on how to look after your faux fur topper.

Leg Hairpin Colour:
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Care & Cleaning Instructions - For Faux Fur

Recommended - Specialist dry clean only Heat must not be applied to Faux Fur

For small areas - Spot cleaning with cold water and/or gentle soap – usually water will do - for a thorough cleaning we recommend dry cleaning.

DO NOT USE ANY HEAT TO DRY OR PUT NEAR HEAT TO DRY. That is,  do not use a dryer or hot radiator, or place in front of a fire to dry. Do not put anything like a hot water bottle on the fur. This is because the product used to create the fabulously natural sheen and feel on the faux fur is very susceptible to heat and any heat application will ruin the sheen and feel. DO NOT IRON

To summarise: we do not recommend washing or machine washing our throws and advise that washing our throws will invalidate your 12 month warrantee against defective products.
Faux Fur is for decorative and light use only. Faux Fur should not be sat on regularly for long periods as this could bend or break the fibres which could cause the fur to become brittle and have a ‘rough’ feel
. Your throw will last many years, if not a lifetime in perfect condition, if you follow these instructions.

*Specialist dry cleaning with the letter ‘P’ in a circle with a line under the circle – this is a dry cleaning process without the use of heat. Your dry cleaners will understand the symbol.

Are faux fur toppers washable? Yes if you are VERY careful was on delicates with a good quality powder, a very light spin but DO NOT put in the dryer – dryers become very hot in the centre even on cool and could ‘melt’ the faux fur. Dry naturally
Occasionally toppers arrive with creases in the fur. What should I do?

Sometimes this happens due to folding in transit, or if you have packed your throw away for any period of time. Generally creases will drop out in a few days once the throw has been opened and aired. If they still persist after a few days, we recommend gentle brushing. If they still persist cover the creased area with a damp, cold, 100% clean cloth or towel for 30 minutes to an hour, and then brush the fibres into place with a soft, clean brush (like a soft hairbrush) or comb and allow to dry naturally. Never expose the fabric to heat.Storage

You may sometimes wish to store your Faux Fur product. We recommend if possible to fold and roll your topper carefully to reduce the creasing, (similar to the way the throw arrived) following the direction the faux fur lies and placing in a clean, polythene container or zipped polythene bag. A linen clothes storer is perfect if available. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat, and once removed, follow instructions above for any creasing. If you use care with your Faux Fur product it will last many, many years in perfect condition.

Do Faux Furs shed fibres?
Under normal conditions – no. There is sometimes a little residual shedding with some faux furs. We use the best quality Faux Fur - there may be some residual fibres from cutting and making the product, so give it a shake on arrival. After that there should be very little shedding under normal conditions.
Our throws are not bonded (glued) together like so many others on the market – they are 100% stitched for quality and lifespan.
Faux Fur is not 100% Fire retardant so please keep away from fire.