Embarking on a new venture: THREE SIX FIVE

What an amazing weekend! In case you haven't seen our numerous Instagram posts we have been at Stylist Live this weekend working with the beaut Tiffany Watson on a set design collaboration for her amazing new venture THREESIXFIVE. 

We love our B&G Interviews and just knew we had to get the lovely Tiffany involved! So sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy hearing from the founder of THREESIXFIVE all about this exciting new venture and whats next!

You can see a Behind The Scenes look at the set up of the stand on our new EVENTS page!

Behind The Brand: Wow! Exciting times! What inspired you to create THREESIXFIVE?

I have always wanted to start my own business but knew you had to have a real passion and fully believe in what you were creating in order for it to succeed. Being vegan is a huge part of my everyday life and I learn new information every day. It is no longer a unusual way of life and is very much becoming a norm. I wanted to create a product that would appeal to everyone not just vegans and saw a gap in the market for luxury vegan leather stationary.

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Life Essentials: How do you like to unwind?

Life can be crazy busy and stressful for all of us so I think it’s really important to take time to unwind and look after yourself so you can be refreshed and ready to work to the best of your ability. My favourite ways to relax are to have a long hot bubble bath and play relaxing music (My favourite is indian chill on spotify) or to do a yoga class or if I feel like treating myself I will organise a home massage.

Who is your Go To Style Icon?

My go to style icon would have to be Blake Lively because I think she always keeps it different and doesn’t stick to one style. She loves experimenting with different trends and I am all for that!


IMAGES BY: Jenny @ Berrys & Grey, ThreeSixFive London, Tiffany Watson & Lizzie @ blixcreative

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The main aspect of these journals is that they are vegan friendly, we love your ethos. What other qualities are you excited to share about the journals?

I am excited to share the fact that it is all recycled paper, which was an important aspect of creating these planners because I want to encourage everyone to do their bit to look after our planet and be mindful. Amongst that it has unique aspects, such as a tracker for healthy eating, working out and drinking lots of water, a meditation guide and recommended vegan restaurants worldwide.

Even though you have only just launched THREESIXFIVE, do you have any plans to expand the time as well as the journal?

Yes we do have plans to expand Threesixfive in 2018 with bringing out further products so keep your eyes peeled! - (THIS EXCITES US GREATLY! STATIONARY HOARDERS THAT WE ARE).

What is your favourite feature on the journal?

My favourite feature on our journal is our layout because it is completely unique and as an organised person I love having space in my planner to write down my to do lists, notes and so on, which I made sure there was in the threesixfive planners.

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What would you say reflect your interior style inspirations?

My interior style inspirations are all about Scandinavian rustic vibes. However recently I have discovered scandi, industrial, which I am obsessed with! I can spend hours on pinterest, scrolling through different interiors and making boards! Designing my dream house is definitely a goal of mine one day.

Name your three staple vegan meals? Do you have any favourite vegan treats to share with us?

My three favourite vegan meals are tofu pad thai, truffle mac and cheese and green curry. My sister’s new cookbook ‘Feed me vegan’ has amazing recipes in and really easy to follow too!

What would you say is your life quote?

My life quote would have to be ‘life is too short to be anything but happy’.

Finally. Where will the THREESIXFIVE Journals be available to buy?

My Threesixfive planners are available to buy on our website www.three-six-five.co.uk



We still can't believe how well this weekend went, our set design was beautifully on point with the THREESIXFIVE branding! Pinks, Greys, Whites and Marble! All the colours we love. What a collaboration! 

Thank you again Tiffany for believing in us to do your new journals justice with the stand design! We loved every minute of it and hope you did too! x


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