Last week Nicole & Jenny headed to London for a day of inspiration and the odd cake or two! With a list of MUST VISIT places, Saint Aymes was one that stood out from the rest. While there we were lucky enough to meet the beautiful Lois, one the the sister duo who own Saint Aymes. 

Lets jump right in with our B&G Interviews to hear more about the brand, the sisters & their inspiration:

1. We adore your beautiful cafe & shop. What inspired you to open your business?

We always wanted to work for ourselves, and have our own business where we could unleash your creativity.

2. Your interior style is serious goals! Did you have any major influences when creating your space?

We are inspired by 40's dinner and jazz settings. We wanted to create a space that was reminiscent of those glamorous times.  .


3. With the growing rise of floral installations, what was your thought process for the vibrant, bright and beautiful purple wisteria that graces the enter cane to Saint Aymes?

Wisteria is beautiful, naturally occurring on exteriors. It is also very seasonal, making it a real treat with bits seen. We love wisteria and wanted it to have it last a bit longer!


4. We see you work within your cafe, do you think this is an important factor for an independent business?

I think it is good at the beginning. We also think it is important to be able find great staff to allow ourselves to continue to innovate and allow the business to grow. 

5. What is your favourite chocolate or item on your menu?

We of course have a love for all of our creations, but the Klimt which contains: Sea Salt, Caramel & Hazelnut is my absolute favourite.



6. Which places inspire you?

To name just a few places of course London inspires us, along with the beauty of traditional Paris, & we take ideas from the modern aspects of New York.

7. Will we be expecting anything new from Saint Aymes in the future?

We can't say too much now, but continuing with our beautiful Connaught street branch as well as.... New branches coming soon!! Super exciting.

8. Lastly, what is your life motto or saying?

If You Can Dream it You Can Do It.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 12.38.17.png

What a really lovely interview, these boss babe sisters are going to go a long way! If you haven't visited them already, then we highly recommend visiting them next time you are in London!

Instagram: @SaintAymes

Website: saintaymes.com

Images: @miss.p @jennywhoblogs @saintaymes

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