Hello September! What a great way to start a new month with an interview with mega babe Carly Rowena! She's a huge supporter of us here at B&G and is literally one of the nicest people we've ever met! She's got a bum to die for and is all about body positivity!


What are your Morning/Evening routines?

I usually wake up around 6am, make myself a quicker protein coffee frappe and take my french bulldog for a run before heading of to train my clients! In the evening it’s all about unwinding from the day, If i didn’t get a chance to workout in the morning then I’m usually in my Crossfit box around 5:30pm, then it’s home to make dinner, check my social pages, stretch and watch another episode of Sons of Anarchy, I’m addicted!

Routine for beginners, it can be a daunting experience!

I have so many routines for beginners but one of my favourites is this 7 day at home bodyweight challenge, the challenge is to see how many sets of the exercises you can complete in 19 minutes, so it’s perfect for those of us just wanting to see some progression! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ixZnsKTErE&t=183s

Healthy Eating, 4 of your favourite snacks.

Oh food is just my favourite thing but these would be my favourite: Vegan Pizza, Frozen Yoghurt Bites, Healthy Brownies or this Banana Bread.


Top Celeb Crush?

Charlie Hunnam, the things i would do to that man!

Favourite Pastime?

Walking my dog, he’s become my downtime, it’s the only time i can completely switch off and he’s just the sweetest animal.

Favourite Place To Eat?

That’s such a tough question, i love food! I travel so much so i’m always having to grab quick meals - for that reason i’d have to say Pret, it’s always there to save my day!


We think its safe to say we all want to have this amazing woman as our bestie!!! She'll keep up motivated, in shape and generally would be lovely to be around!

We can even get cuddles with Steven!

You can find Carly here:

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter | My #GetGorgeous Ebook


Holiday Fitness, What gets you pumped for the day, as we all love to lounge on holiday!

For me holidays are all about using my surroundings, i increase my walks, always use the stairs never the lifts, swim as much as possible, join in with the classes, go hiking, run along the beach, there are so many things you can do. One of my top tips is to write down 10moves that you are confident with and allow yourself 20 or 30 minutes, see how many of the exercises you can do in that time. Failing that take a skipping rope or resistance band with you!


Colour Crush!

Turquoise all the way, reminds me of crystal clear waters on holiday!

Favourite Song/ Song to workout to?

I adore Def Leppard ‘Pour some sugar on me’

Life Motto/Quote

Losing weight does not cure a negative body image.


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