We are back with something that is super requested! We get emails and IG messages daily about how to recreate your fave creators arrangements! So we thought, heck, let's do a blog post on it! Easy Peasy!


What you will need for these exact arrangements:

LYDIA WHITE ARRANGEMENT: 5 x white hydrangea stem, 5 x white vienna rose

LYDIA WHITE & GREEN ARRANGEMENT: 3x white hydrangea stem, 3 x Green/Lilac Hydrangea stem & 3x Eucalyptus stem (works well with the natural eucalyptus spray also)

LYDIA ICE BUCKET ARRANGEMENT: 3 x white hydrangea stem, 3 x  salmon pink hydrangea stem, 2 x red hydrangea, 3 x pink vienna rose, 1 x peach hydrangea stem, 1x red velvet rose, 2 2 white vienna rose

Lydia is simply beautiful, and with each arrangement we have created for her it just adds to her lovely nature. The classic Lydia arrangement consists of our white hydrangea stems & white vienna roses. A simple & classic arrangement.Paired with our CUSTOMER FAVOURITE the polished aluminium vase! (Available to pre order now!)

You may want to create something similar to these arrangements, thats great, pop us an email and we'll let you know how many you need!



Leanne is such a babe! With her amazing My Little Pony Hair and gorgeous home! Leanne helped create her signature arrangement which is super girly and playful!


What you will need for this arrangement:

4x Pink Peony Stem, 3 x Eucalyptus Stem & 3 x Gypsophila Stem

The lovely Kelsey is such a huge supporter of us here at B&G, with her gorgeous home, we knew the flower arrangement had to match her beautiful home!

Kelsey's arrangement is simply our white hydrangea stems, this is the perfect base for any arrangement!

SHOP KELSEY FLOWERS ( & others that compliment this stunning classic look)

What you will need to create this Arrangement:

5x White Hydrangea Stem, !x Polished Aluminium Vase



Remember you can always pop into store or we can send you flower images via email or IG to help create you perfect arrangement!









As  you can see the possibilities are endless with the floral combinations, we adore this pink @ girly arrangement we created for Charlotte! 

This Spring fresh look for Nicole is so stunning with the hints of green foliage within this flower bundle!

How beautiful is this light and airy flower arrangement we created for Katrina, love the blush pinks and creams mixed together!


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